About the photographer

Marco Zincone has always been an outsider in the world of Photography. Most of his activity has been developed in the Eighties of last century, than he dedicated his love for photography only to the private pleasure of recording some moments of his travels.

His photos have been published by magazines like Sipario (Italy, 1986), Qui Touring (Italy, 1994), Rutas del Mundo (Spain, 1995) or in travel guides (Barcellona, deAgostini, Italy 2009) and the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera dedicated very flattering comments to his theatre exhibition in 1986.

Though, most of his production shown in this page is in fact still unknown for the big public.

Marco is now almost 50 and he is based in Barcelona.


The author is able to scan the magical reality of these creative moments in precise and concrete shapes, neat and essential (…) and he stops them in a chromatic material densely expressive, creating a visual world of sensible inventions, kept on the line of a controlled and not spectacular expressionism. (Giuseppe Turroni)